I reread the itinerary of my trip and I'm once again astonished how much we did, how many things we visited and how much fun we had! I enjoyed every single day, and it seemed it went so fast, way too fast.

The day we spend in San Francisco, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge; that was a dream become true. That day was really special, Alcatraz was really impressive, and going for dinner to Chinatown and eat the gelato in Little Italy was great.

Los Angeles was great too; I really liked the first two days we were there, Venice Beach is something you always see in movies and pictures, and you dream of going there once in your life, and then you're there, you stand there, on the beach, you see the sea with the surfers on the waves, the white beach with the palm trees, and the promenade with all the great shops, you hear the cheering of the street ball game and the sound of rap music in the back, and you smell the salt of the ocean, and you can't believe it's true, yeah, that's how I felt.

All this together made this week a wonderful experience. At the end everybody wanted to stay, and meet again, the farewell was the saddest moment for me.

I hope we, the entire group could meet again for a trip or so. I would really enjoy that, I met awesome people during the week, I don't want to loose their contact.

My sister will come over, from Switzerland to Oregon next year, and she
already wants to explore America with you. (she is a nice girl, nothing in common with her brother).  ;))

I hope I'll see you again and hope you pass by when you are in Europe!

Thanks for making this week the best in my exchange year in the United

Ciao and a presto!
David from St.Gallen Switzerland


Hey Explore America Team,

thank you so much for one of the best weeks in my whole life.
We had so much fun and we saw the best things.
Especially one thing was great; Every single day was so interesting and good organized but we still could decide individually what we wanted to do at the certain places.
Thank you so much again.


dear explore america team ( hawaiian guys)
i just wanna to thank you so much, for my super duper hawaii trip. it was just awesome. i never had such a good week before, and i bet that was the best week in my entire school year in canada. to bad that it was that short. i hadn't enough time to say good bye to everybody.

thank you so much
maraike h / germany


I'm sending this e-mail because I had an amazing trip to The East Coast Trip. My name is David B... Now, the other reason I'm writing U this e-mail, is because I'm sending a request. A request that U put the same guides on the trip to Cali., which I'm also going on. It would mean SOO much to me. And I'm 100% sure that all of those going on the trip would be happy if U did too. No doubt about it... ;). The guides were just awesome!!

Well, I want to thank U guys for existing!! I mean, we pay U, but the value is unbelievable!! U get so much for your money... That week on the East Coast Trip was one of the BEST OF MY LIFE!!
I've made SO many friends.

Tanx again,