Western Explorer

March 11 -March 17 2017

We will venture into Las Vegas for an exciting tour of America's favorite playground. Downtown Las Vegas with the Fremont Street Experience is always a student favorite. 

We will drive and walk the "Strip" and explore many of the thrilling sites and attractions Vegas has to offer, from its glamorous casinos to its huge shopping facilities and roof top roller coasters.

We will visit the Rim of the Grand Canyon and learn about the natural history. We will grab our cameras and hike some of the rim trails around the Canyon's Rim to photograph the Colorado River, which rages through the Canyon's floor.

Our final day in Vegas will end with dinner and a Vegas Show.

There is so much to see in our time in Los Angeles and our tour will take us to some of the most famous sights. We will visit Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and Venice Beach, Hollywood Boulevard and Melrose Avenue (the best place in Los Angeles for fun fashions).

We will spend our last day LA day riding the thrilling rides and exploring the attractions offered by Disneyland.


Do not purchase flights until you are confirmed on a tour and have completed permission forms.

This tour begins in Las Vegas on Saturday 3/11.  We will meet students landing between 12pm and 5 pm. Those arriving earlier will wait till then- we prefer that you arrive within the time window though.  Also remember you may not arrive a day or early or sleep in an airport.  If your planned flight lands after 5 PM, you will miss the begining of the tour and dinner.  We will provide transportation to the hotel, but will not be there to meet you.

The tour ends in Los Angeles on Friday 3/17. Departures should be between 8 am-2pm.   If you depart earlier we will get you to the airport, but will not be able to assist you with check in.  Note that because you go to the airport 2 hours before departure earlier departures may miss breakfast.   If you depart later than 2 PM you risk getting stuck in Los Angeles on your own;  There will not be any chaperons left to assist you.   Earlier is always preffered to later.

You do not need a ticket from between the beginning and ending points- this is part of the tour.

It is generally cheaper to buy 1 "multi city" round trip ticket than 2 one way tickets.  Kayak, Orbitz, expedia, travelocity, your local travel agency or we can can all arrange tickets to do this. Airfare is generally cheaper when purchased ahead of time.  Airline tickets are non-refundable, and should only be purchased after all permissions for travel have been obtained. 

Students may not arrive a day early or depart a day later. Do not select tickets with an overnight in an airport. Do not purchase flights until you are confirmed on a tour and have your completed permission forms. Flights are non-refundable once purchased. Change fees can be more than $200+.