Fill out the form below to hold a place on the tour of your choice. Before sending this deposit form, check with your exchange program to make sure that your school grades are satisfactory for you to be able to travel.  
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Paying for the Tour  
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__________________ --
HAWAII FEB 15-22 '17 $1150
Western Explorer MAR 11-17'17:*$999
California Explorer* MAR 18-24 '17:*$950
East Coast Explorer MAR 25-31 '17:*$950
HAWAII #2 APR 5-12 2017 :$1150
__________________ --
Los Angeles Explorer May 27-June 2'17:$950

* The Western trip makes a great combination with The California Explorer. The California tour can also be combined with the East Coast tour for a 2 week vacation. Take 2 trips, with 1 airline ticket!

After sending the deposit form, please begin the Reservation(Permission)Form

Please review our Terms & Conditions of Participation carefully. By signing up you agree to be bound by them.  

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